Toothpick City at
Ripley's Believe-It-or-Not Museum in Baltimore

Toothpick World is honored to receive the People's Choice Award for best exhibit at the 2014 Northeast Woodworkers Association Showcase.

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One World Trade Center
Freedom Tower

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La Sagrada Familia

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Come see La Sagrada Familia now on display at Tony's Ristorante in TIMES SQUARE (43rd & Broadway, NYC), and stay for a great meal!
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It was an honor to meet Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook, Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom. Keep up the great work!

Congratulations student teachers at Penn State Berks for being the first teachers certified as Toothpick Engineering Instructors (T.E.I.) - Good luck with your classes!
Penn State Berks
Special Thank You to Dr. Jessica Schocker from Penn State Berks for securing the funding to bring Toothpick World to Reading Public Museum.

Special thanks to readers of
World Architecture News
for voting on Notre Dame du Haut, in Ronchamp, France, to be included in Toothpick World.

Toothpick World is in the
2015 Guinness Book
of World Records™
for the
Tallest Toothpick Structure:
Burj Khalifa, Dubai
Over 5 meters (16 ft)!

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Fenway Park joins Yankee Stadium, the Roman Coliseum and the rest of Toothpick World...

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USS Nimitz (CVN68)

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Now on Display at the
Phelps Art Center
The Roman Coliseum:
Then & Now

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International Space Station

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The Statue of Liberty

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About Stan Munro
When Stan Munro started Toothpick City, he convinced his wife that this might be an actual job... [ more ]
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